We specialise in social media management for influencers, celebrities and brands.

Whether you're a social media personality, model, artist, actor/actress, athlete, entrepreneur or brand - we can help!

Skyray Talent Is A Global Talent Management Agency.

Our Services

Celebrity Management

Having a huge social media following can be overwhelming, which is why we understand the importance of efficiently handling social media accounts, grabbing endorsement opportunities and getting media bookings for you.

Business Strategy

At Skyray Talent, we believe in conversion. We craft logical business strategies that help you monetize your content, and we also advise you where to spend that money.

Content Strategy & Production

It is your business so we care about what you think. We listen to your ideas and your vision and then tweak that approach for a kickass content strategy that solely benefits you.

Public Relations

Whether it’s creative campaigns, media relations, influencer engagement or speaker platforms – we get your business out there in public. We provide a direct approach (e.g. advertising or direct marketing) to build engagement with public.

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